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Why Proper Packing is Crucial

Packing may seem straightforward, but there is a right way and a wrong way to pack household goods and fragile items. Our professional packers are trained in the optimal methods for preparing and securing items for a move. We use specialty packing materials designed to prevent damage from shock and vibration during transport.

With DIY packing, items are often not properly wrapped, secured or cushioned inside boxes. This frequently leads to broken or damaged goods. Don't take chances with cherished possessions and valuables. Our packing experts will get the job done right.

Tailored Packing Based on Your Belongings.

Moores Packing and Moving doesn't take a one-size-fits-all approach. Our packing process is customized based on the items you need packed. We have expertise packing:
Fragile Items.
Fragile items like lamps, mirrors, artwork, antiques, glassware and ceramics
Bulky furniture such as beds, dressers, tables, chairs, sofas
Appliances both large and small
Electronics including TVs, computers, gaming consoles and more
Clothing, linens, books, kitchenware and other household goods
Outdoor Items.
Outdoor items like patio furniture, grills and gardening tools
Save Time and Effort with Our Packing.

Don't spend countless hours packing up your home or office yourself. Our professional packing services will save you time and effort, while ensuring your belongings are properly prepared for the move.

Packing is a tiring task that often leads to frustrated, hurried work - not the careful, methodical process needed to prevent damage. Leave it to our experts to pack efficiently while also taking great care with your possessions.

Why Choose Us

Why Trust Moores Packing and Moving Services for Your Move?.

Moores Packing and Moving stands out from other moving companies because of our focus on:
We use high-quality packing materials and employ proven packing techniques for optimal protection.
Our experienced movers work quickly while still being extremely careful with your items. We get the job done right in the shortest time possible.
We arrive on time and handle your belongings with the utmost care and professionalism. You can count on us.
Our competitive prices and various service options make it easy to find a package that fits your budget.
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